Hooray For Corporate Housing in Oakridge!

A lot of people think that being a swimsuit model automatically makes me self-centered and rude, but I feel like I have almost zero confidence compared with the other models I work with and I try my absolute best to be as nice and accommodating as possible for the people I work with. I have certainly come to appreciate all of the wonderful aspects of my trips to Knoxville TN for modeling shoots, especially the Corporate Housing in Oakridge from Corporate Quarters, Inc.

When I first started out as a model, people would often tell me how poorly I was going to get treated and how much I was going to hate the business. But so far, I think it has been rather fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes of photo shoots and videos.

I will have to admit that while the stereotype is that models will be curt and rude and not very pleasant to work with, nobody mentions how mean some of the photographers can be. In fact, I don’t blame some of the models for being so tough skinned when they have to work with such tough people on a regular basis.

I’m certainly lucky that I’ve had some wonderful and very patient photographers in my time in the business so far. There have been some mean ones, but I feel like that’s just something I need to keep in mind and move past while doing my work.

And while I had the impression that models were afforded some nice housing during their on-site work, I was not prepared for how nice my Corporate Housing in Oakridge in Knoxville TN was going to be the first time I did a shoot there! Corporate Quarters, Inc. really set the bar high with their accommodations and services, so now I have always compared my living arrangements with that first Corporate Housing in Oakridge.

I remember it was so spacious and clean and rather quiet, and everything about it just made me feel so relaxed. This was really nice especially because of how stressed and nervous I was doing my first shoot away from home.

I felt like Corporate Quarters, Inc. really cared about my well-being and they were super nice throughout the entire experience. While some other companies have also been nice since then, I still set the bar with this original location.

I am proud of the work that I do, and I am so happy that it has taken me to cool places like Knoxville TN. But the best perk has definitely got to be staying in my own Corporate Housing in Oakridge from Corporate Quarters, Inc.

— Corporate Quarters, Inc. invites you to contact them at http://www.knoxcorporateapts.com or call 800-371-1594 for assistance with all your Corporate Housing in Oakridge needs.–

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