I Have Suffered Major Home Damage and Need Corporate Furnished Apartment Medford.

I recently suffered from a fire at my home in Medford OR and it caused serious damage. I did not think I would be back in my home for at least four months so I needed a corporate furnished apartment Medford until all the renovations were completed.

My family and I were under a lot of stress and did not know where to begin our search for corporate furnished apartments Medford. My insurance company recommended I call Furnished Living. They were very helpful and found us corporate furnished apartments Medford quickly.

I chose a three-bedroom furnished suite that was located near our children’s school. It was very important to us to make sure that our children’s lives would not be unsettled any more than it had to be.

The first week after the fire we stayed in a hotel. This was less than an ideal situation. We had to eat all our meals at the hotel restaurant and the space was tight for our family. Walking into our corporate furnished apartment Medford was a great feeling and the extra space was welcome.

The space was very warm and inviting. The corporate furnished apartment Medford was large and well lit. There was plenty of space for all of us and the interior design was very well done. We were happy to be out of the hotel and living in the corporate furnished apartment Medford.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well equipped the kitchen was in the corporate furnished apartment Medford. The appliances were of the highest quality and I was impressed with all the household items included that allowed me to prepare all my meals.

I also appreciated the grocery store that was so close by. Even though this is located in the same part of Medford OR that I have been living in, it was not exactly the same and made living in Medford OR a different and new experience.

We had a washer dryer available to us in our corporate furnished apartment Medford, which was so ideal. I did not want to go to a laundromat on a regular basis for six months until we moved back into our home.

Working with Furnished Living has been such a positive experience. They knew how stressful this transition was going to be and they have been so professional and helpful. They really listened to all my needs and found the perfect corporate furnished apartment Medford for me.

I also liked the amenities at the corporate furnished apartment Medford. There were plenty of greenspaces for the kids to play and the swimming pool was an extra treat, something they really enjoyed.

Even though this was a stressful time for me, working with Furnished Living and staying in such a lovely corporate furnished apartment Medford really helped make this a quality experience. I know that staying in corporate furnished apartments Medford instead of a hotel stay has made such a difference.

The reason that I have arrived in this situation are not ideal; yet working with Furnished Living in Medford OR has made for a positive experience. If you need corporate furnished apartments Medford, you are in good hands.

–Furnished Living invites you to contact them at http://www.furnishedliving.com or call 800-607-4846 for assistance with all your corporate furnished apartments Medford needs.–

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