Working In Security Consulting and Need Corporate Housing in San Francisco.

I am working for a security consulting firm and I am involved in a rotational executive position. I was living in Pittsburgh and now I will be living in San Francisco CA for three months. I always use corporate housing in San Francisco when I am travelling away from home for long extensions of time.

Corporate housing in San Francisco is something I really enjoy. This is a part of my normal routine now. I could stay in a hotel if that was my preference. That is one of the options my company gives me. I really prefer staying in corporate housing in San Francisco when I travel for long period of time.

I am working with Resi Housing in San Francisco CA. My company has worked with them before and finds their level of professionalism to be superior. They offer a variety of corporate housing in San Francisco in San Francisco CA and I have been very happy with all their options and amenities at their properties.

Resi Housing asked many questions that helped me pick the right corporate housing in San Francisco. I chose a two-bedroom furnished suite that was very close to work. This was very important to me.

The corporate housing in San Francisco was a perfect size, with a living room, two bedrooms, a dining area and a full-size kitchen. The Kitchen was fully equipped with all the necessary appliances and kitchenware.  There was a grocery store close by so I could pick up groceries on the way home from work with ease.

The other aspect of living in corporate housing in San Francisco that I liked was that it allowed me to feel like a resident in San Francisco CA, not a vacationer. I always like getting to know the area when I travel, especially the area near my corporate housing in San Francisco.

Living in San Francisco CA is the same. I enjoy the parks and running trails near my property. There are also gourmet food shops and bakeries nearby, as well as good restaurants and bars.

My company prefers that you can budget easier with corporate housing in San Francisco than you can with a hotel stay. Everything is included with the corporate housing in San Francisco such as cable and internet. There are no add on fees like you will often find when checking out of a hotel.

The amenities are great. I enjoyed a great fitness center and a swimming pool. It is so nice that I do not have to join a fitness center and add that travelling to my busy.

If you need corporate housing in San Francisco in San Francisco CA, give Resi Housing a call. They are a great place to go when looking for furnished suites and they will help find you a quality home while you are here.

–Resi Housing invites you to contact them at or call 800-692-0128 for assistance with all your corporate housing in San Francisco needs. We can also help you with your needs in the Bay Area, including Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Bruno, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Burlingame, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Foster City, Sunnyvale, and Cupertino–

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